Diabetes Eye Exams

Diabetic Eye Examination

At. Dr. Fallon Patel and Associates, we have the expertise in managing patients with diabetes. Diabetes affects blood vessels throughout ones body. A patient with diabetes may exhibit leaky blood vessels in the retina of the eyes. An optometrist will detect early bleeding and swelling in the eye which patients at this stage have no symptoms of. Patients will only have symptoms of visual disturbance with diabetes when it becomes end stage or “proliferative”. If detected early by an optometrist, blindness can be preventable with early treatment. Treatment is only done during proliferative stage of diabetic retinopathy or when there is macular (central part of the eye) swelling. This will be referred to a retinal opthalmologist who will treat with either eye injections (Lucentis, Avastin or steroid), and/or use lasers.

Diabetes Facts

  • 1 in 11 people have diabetes in Canada.
  • 20% of people with diabetes goes undiagnosed.
  • Diabetes is the number one cause of acquired blindness.
  • It is recommended by the Canadian Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Diabetes Association that individuals who have diabetes have a dilated eye exam every year.
  • Only 60% of people know that diabetes is detectable through a comprehensive eye exam, and only 38% of adults who do not wear glasses or contacts have been to an eye doctor in the last two years.
  • At Mississauga Optometric Clinic, we perform a thorough dilated eye evaluation for diabetes and works closely with your family doctor by sending reports to them regarding your diabetic eyes examination.

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