Children Eye Exam

Children's Eye Exam Oakville

Children’s Eye Exam

  • Did you know that 30% of children who pass top of the line vision screenings at school in fact have a vision problem that is missed? This is why it is important to have your children’s eye exam done by a licensed Oakville optometrist and not by a technician at school.
  • Dr. Patel is highly trained to assess vision abnormalities in children.
  • We have specialty eye charts for preschoolers and toddlers to better examine their eyesight.
  • We test for lazy eyes and or eye squints.
  • We test for colour vision abnormalities.
  • We test for juvenile diabetes.
  • The clinic and waiting room is equipped to be children friendly with games for all ages.
  • Visit the following link to learn about vision therapy for kids. /Reading/Learning Problems.html
  • Children eye exams are covered through OHIP with a full comprehensive examination once a year.

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